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August 22, 2009

The awesome tech news/reviews/everything else site has posted a review I scrunched out.

It’s a system review of the AVA Direct Custom GT3 gaming system, a little desktop with a top-handle for lugging about to LAN fests. Here’s a clip:

AVA Direct’s custom GT3 series is aimed squarely at the LAN party gamer, and won’t throw out your back with its diminutive size and weight. It’s built with portability in mind; the case is small, it comes with a handle and the thing weighs less than 20 pounds. And because it’s custom, you can build it up as you please at AVA Direct’s Web site. Finally, due to the fact that the GT3 is more a tiny desktop than a true SFF (Small Form Factor) machine, in theory, it shouldn’t sacrifice much power for the sake of portability.

Please, check out the review and, if you’re the commentin’ type, comment as you may.

CoolIT Domino A. L. C. Cooler Review on PC Perspective

July 27, 2009

Check it out.

The obligatory quote (the intro, actually):

CoolIT Systems has built a reputation for bringing liquid cooling to the masses. With its various, integrated, sealed-unit liquid coolers, it has removed the need for amassing radiators, hoses, reservoirs, water blocks, and other miscellany and then assembling them into a working system free of air and contaminants.

Most of CoolIT’s liquid coolers come with a reservoir/radiator/fan that mounts over the more-or-less standard, rear, 120mm fan grate found on most enclosures. Two hoses connect the unit to a water block that fastens to the CPU. The new Domino A. L. C. keeps up that same tradition, but comes with some new twists that make it even more compelling than earlier CoolIT liquid cooling systems.

Dig it. Let me know what you think.

Prototype is GOTY Material

June 21, 2009

Prototype is kicking my ass all over town. I’m playing on PC. It’s a great escape during a tough time in my life, and it’s an incredible game all around. I love the way the guy you play–Alex Mercer–is more powerful than any character I’ve played in a game in the past several years.

Imagine the strength of the Hulk, the agility of Spider-Man, and the rage and anger of Wolverine in one neat package that can also absorb people and beasts and gain their memories and powers. Tearing through the streets and rooftops of Manhattan is fun enough; hijacking APCs and helicopters, destroying entire buildings in minutes, wiping out platoons of military with a few mouse clicks, and leaving a path of blood and destruction is all icing on the cake.

The Web of Intrigue system, in which Alex learns clues about his past (he starts the game as so many game characters do, with amnesia) and how he gained his Godlike power by absorbing certain individuals and plumbing their memories. It’s a genius way to tell a story in a sandbox game. You can play this game at your pace and there’s plenty to do in a city overrun by a virus (that might be related to your powers) that’s turning people into monsters, with the military trying to “contain” the outbreak basically by killing every that moves. You can advance the plot with story missions or partake in a number of side activities, a la Saint’s Row.

I’m probably about halfway through Prototype and I’m digging every second of it. This is Game of the Year material, easilyMy only gripe is that the controls are way complicated, but you get used to it. My advice is to ignore the few negative reviews (some people just don’t get it) and, if you’re into sandbox games with superpowered antiheroes, grab a copy and dig in. Enjoy.


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